Synopsis.. Take an animal rights group, a complacent government, then throw in a spanner by the way of a genuine and passionate animal lover, and suddenly both sides are scared, very scared.  Set in the often violent and secretive world of the animal rights groups. This story follows a young girls dream of helping animals in distress after she joins an extremist animal rights group. Two years on the girl is now very much entrenched in the groups activities. Following a break-in of a laboratory the animal rights group use a substance they steal to try and force the government into bowing down to their demands. The government response is to use specialist forces to wipe out the animal rights group, and after moderate success they arrest and begin to imprison the leaders. The complacency however, does not last for long. Out of the blue a letter arrives at the house of the policemen in charge of the operation. The contents of which are about to rock the very foundation of government. But who is making the threat, and more importantly what is the final solution?. ISBN 978-190-809014-0 Available as paperback or eBook  © Keith Hoare 2011
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